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Operating out of desperation.

If you known me for over 10 years or so then you remember this. Not quite where it all began but where it all began. Putting on this show was difficult, amongst many of the road blocks. But this show probably will generate a lot of the mistakes made. However for this blog entry I am just going to focus on the topic at hand.

This is a story of pure desperation. Probably one of my most desperate moments ever.

During the process of selling tickets to my the very first stage play I wrote and decided to produce, things got bad, real bad. This specific time in my life everything was due and I did not have the money to pay for ANYTHING! Every personal bill imaginable, and every bill for the production cost was in front of me, on the side of me, and behind me. I was currently in the hole about $2,500. For some that may be nothing, but for 24 year old only making $25K a year with two jobs and a three year old and a new born depending on me, that was a serious game changer. Being in the whole that bad was devasting. For a while I was big on street team promoting, but during this time, social media was becoming more and more popular. This was before instagram, so the main tools I used were facebook and youtube. I used to make embarrassing videos telling the awful truths about my circumstance. In this particular video I posted, it garnered some immediate responses from my actors and my partner and assistant director. Even my best friend called me up personally to check on me that's how alarming the post was. In this video I go on to state all the desperate reasons why people should buy a ticket to the show. All desperate reasons listed below:

1) I was the father of an autistic child

2) I was $2500 in debt

3) I couldn't pay my bills because I spent all my money on the show

4) My FAVORITE: "There is nothing exclusive about me that's why I here begging for you to buy a ticket".

After being advised by multiple people to take it down, I was stubborn and for some reason thought that people actually cared about how desperate I was. I left the video up for 24 hours, and then after a long ride driving one of my actors back to Jersey. Me my actor and my partner/assistant director had a long talk about being desperate is not appealing at all to someone you are trying to get to purchase something. I went right back home and took down the video, and even deleted it from my hardrives. But before I did, my best friend begged me to give him the only copy ever, because one day for such a time as this it will be priceless. If I make it to the end of my journey of delivering 101 post and you guys are still around I will share this video with you all. Which is something I never thought I would ever do. I just put in a call to him to see if he still has the video. I never thought I say this but I sincerely hope he does.

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